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"Högt skall det klinga vårt svens"

Appearance ►
His hair is a honey blonde almost brown-ish colour and falls mid-neck almost to his shoulders. The way his hair is cut is rather choppy and layered giving it a somewhat messy appearance (This represents the rocky terrain) He also has two ahoges that represent the three main ports in Mariehamn, Berghamn, and Långnäs. His eyes are a dark violet shade representing the small Finnish [and some Russian] influence. Like the other Nordics his skin is rather light in tone, but he usually always has a bruise or two (He bruises very easily because the soil in Åland is very thin.) He also has a collection of freckles painted across his face, representing the thousands of islands. As for scars, like all other nations he has some but there are 3 the stand out from the others. The first one is on his right shoulder and represents Swedish rule, the second one is on his left shoulder and represents Russian rule, and the third one is on his upper left arm and represents Finnish rule. Although the average height in Sweden and Finland is between 5'9'' - 5'11'', Åland stands at 5'1'' making him rather short, but the reason behind this is because Åland Islands is the smallest Finnish region, he weighs 129 lbs. His everyday clothing is usually something he doesn’t mind getting dirty, but at the same time has a bit of a 'posh' feel to them. He mainly wears sailor/navy inspired clothing as well as rather formal clothing. You can usually see him wearing a light blue dress shirt with darker blue details, a yellow tie with a red Nordic cross on it, dark grey-blue pants rolled up a bit at the ends, grey rubber boots, and a sailor jacket/tunic with a pin of his flag on the right collar and a peace sign patched onto the left pocket.
As for military uniform, he has none because the Islands are demilitarized.

Personality ►
Fiske is a rather calm young man, but when he's provoked he can get very snappy, but he always tries to keep peace. He looks up to Sweden a lot and takes after him, but even though he won't admit it there are some similarities between Finland and him as well. He tends to be very friendly [Unless of course you're Finland or Russia =^= but if you're England or France he may be slightly nicer] At times he can be socially awkward, but though he loves the company of others, he is perfectly fine with being alone too. Ever since his demilitarization he very clearly states that he is peaceful and uses his strengths for things other than fighting, but sometimes he can't control the urge to just punch Finland or Russia someone in the face, but instead of physical violence he may turn to verbal violence, however he tries very hard not to do this but you can't control his Ålandic sass.


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Hobbies ►
He loooove fishing and sailing, and has taken up a love for biking. He also loves building and is always happy to show tourists around. He also seems to take a liking towards cooking, theatre, music, art, and architecture. Sports are also a huge interest towards him as well, he also takes some interest in gambling..

Headcanons ►
► The reason Åland is so short/small is because he is the smallest region of Finland.
► He bruises quite easily, because the soil in Åland is very thin.
► His hair represents the rocky terrain.
► His ahoges represent the three main ports in Mariehamn, Berghamn, and Långnäs.
► Åland has three scars. One on his left shoulder and upper arm, and one on his right shoulder. They represent the time he was owned by Sweden, Russia, and Finland.
► Perch, Trout, and Salmon are his top 3 favourite kinds of fish.
► When he walks, his steps have a bit of a jump in them. This represents Island hopping.
► He has a very strong/aggressive temper. /Glares at Finland and Russia
► He usually smells like Fish.
► His freckles represent the 6000+ Islands.
► He owns an aquarium with a few different type of fishes.
► He falls in love pretty fast...But he can fall out of love even faster.
► Even though he's pretty loaded, he can be a HUGE Mr. Krabbs cheapskate.
► He usually carries a pair of glasses around him. He doesn't really need them, but he believes they make him look more sophisticated.
► His hair is blonde due to the Swedish influence, but it also has a tinge of red to it, representing the bedrock.
► He's said to be the happiest out of the Northern Europe bunch between May and August.(This is because Åland has the most sunshine hours around that time.)

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Åland Islands

Åland Islands

| AX | Autonomous Region of Aland | Landskapet Åland | Ahvenanmaan Ahvenanmaan maakunta | オーランド諸島 |


Human Name ► Fiske Nylund
Sex ► ♂
Gender ► ♂
Height ► 5'1''
Weight ► 129lbs.
Birthday ► June 9th
Human Age ► Around 18-ish
Actual Age ► About 10,000
Hair Colour ► Strawberry/honey blonde
Eye Colour ► Violet/blue
Sexual Orientation ► Bisexual

Capital City ► Mariehamn
Official Language ► Swedish (Åland dialect)
Other non-official language(s) ► Finnish, English
Motto ► "Islands of peace."
National Anthem ► Ålänningens sång
Demonym ► Ålandic, Ålandish, Ålänning, Åländare, Ahvenanmaalainen
Government ► Autonomous Region of Finland
Governor ► Peter Lindbäck
Premier ► Camilla Gunell

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